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Jack Swaddle Sack, Olive

Jack Swaddle Sack, Olive

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The Jack Sleep Sack is the simplest way to swaddle a baby. It requires no wrapping, no tucking, no zipping and no Velcro. It slides on like a shirt and and keeps baby snug and secure all night long.

How to use: You simply put it on by sliding it over baby's head like you would a shirt. It features interior arm pockets to keep baby's arms by their sides through the night. To use the pockets, slide your arm into the sleep sack from the bottom and inside the pocket. Then grab your baby's arm and gently pull their arm into the pocket. This pocket prevents baby's arms from escaping and waking themselves up. The bottom of the sleep sack is flared for the benefit of diaper changes. It makes for easy access to the diaper so no un-swaddling needs to happen during those late night changes. Removing the sleep sack is easy, simply stretch the collar over baby's shoulders and pull off over their body. Removing over the body is convenient in the case of a blowout.


-Simple: Slides on like a shirt and removes easily.

-Interior Arm Pockets: To keep baby's arms secure and by their side all night.

-Flared Bottom: Easy access for diaper changes, night time, or nap time. 

-Lightweight: This one layer swaddle is secure without bulk, breathable, extremely soft, and super stretchy.  

-Stretchy Collar: The collar stretches for easy over the body removal.

Sizing: These swaddle Sacks are true to size, so order the same size your baby wears in clothes. 

Safety: Discontinue use when baby shows signs of rolling over.

Care Instructions

Wash warm with rest of your baby’s laundry no special treatment will stay in excellent condition!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alison Strate
Love them!

We love our Jack! It’s so perfect and so easy!

Kelli M
Wish I would have found this sooner

My son is 3 months and has been on O2 at night we were having trouble with him pulling it out so I thought I would try the Jack sleep sack out and I was so happy with it we have been sleeping soundly for the last few nights.


I came across this cute shop on instagram and decided to try the jack sack when it launched because my son could make his way out of every swaddle, even the velcro ones. he loves his new jack sack, it is so simple, so practical, and so cozy. he sleeps through the night now! this product is the BEST!!

Haylie Rowberry
Great Gift!!

When Randy first released the Jack swaddle I was so jealous that I didn’t have a baby to swaddle in it. Such a great design, I jumped on the opportunity it purchase one when I got invited to a baby shower for my friend who is having twins. She loves them and can’t wait to swaddle her new babies in them!