The Jack Swaddle Sack

The Jack Swaddle Sack

The Ben + James Swaddle

The Ben + James swaddle is 50" × 50" ideal size for newborn to toddler age. It's made from a luxuriously soft & stretchy material. Our swaddle is lightweight and breathable

perfect for year round use. The best part is, our swaddle WILL NOT pill or color fade in the wash!

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How to Swaddle a Baby

  • BEN + JAMES Swaddles

    The Ben + James Swaddle blanket is used for swaddling newborn babies to provide warmth and security. Our swaddle is designed to keep your baby swaddled tight through the night!

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  • The Jack Swaddle Sack

    The Jack Swaddle Sack is the simplest way to swaddle a baby. It requires no wrapping, no tucking, no zipping and no Velcro. It slides on like a shirt and and keeps baby snug and secure all night.

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  • The Cover

    Our Covers offer each mother the privacy she seeks while nursing, the protection each baby deserves from RSV, and all the germs that accompany each grocery cart and restaurant high chair.

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