Ham Fried Rice with Teriyaki Chicken

Ham Fried Rice with Teriyaki Chicken


Ham fried rice and Japanese bbq sauce chicken! This is a meal our boys always ask for seconds. Here’s the recipe:

Please note: this recipe calls for cooked AND chilled rice. Planning required!

Ham Fried Rice:

Butter 4tbs - melt on med-hi heat in large skillet

1 cup - chopped onion, add to skillet

1 cup - Shredded green cabbage, add to skillet

Mix until soft. Then add

6 oz - diced ham mix well

2 eggs - scramble in skillet

Salt and pepper to taste

6 cups - cooked cold rice, add to skillet and mix well

Now add:

1/4 cup - soy sauce

1 tsp - sesame oil

1 cup frozen peas and carrots

Mix well and cook until frozen veggies are soft


- Air fry as many Tyson rotisserie chicken strips as needed for your family.

- slice chicken into strips

- add to bowl, splash with Japanese bbq sauce, and mix till coated

Serve and enjoy!
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